4 Şubat 2011 Cuma

Ladies Day in Antalya

(Hürriyet and Sözcü Newspapers, 2 February 2011)

In Antalya, nurse Emine Şenbak was attacked by a masher as she
was entering her car. She told her assailant that her pocktbook was
inside the car. Şenbak then pretended to reach for her bag as she
braced herself against the steering wheel and kicked her attacker.
Shaken by the unexpected blow, the thief ran away.

Meanwhile, in Antalya's Muratpaşa district, two men wearing suits
rang the doorbell of housewife Selma Gül (28) on the evening of
24 January identifying themselves as family doctors. The two men
then injected the young woman with what they said was a tetnus
shot but which was actually a sleep-inducing substance. They pro-
ceeded to steal jewelry and a laptop computer from the woman's

Selma Gül's two year-old daughter roused her, whereupon Gül
informed police of the incident. Yesterday, police received a report
of a man wearing a suit ringing doorbells in the Güzeloba neighborhood.
Shortly thereafter police apprehended 40 year-old Mehmet Ö. who
was carrying a black bag and medical supplies. Mehmet Ö. decried
his arrest, stating 'Am I a thief? I'm selling health goods. I have a
document from the Health Ministry authorizing me to sell from door
to door.'

Yet another report to police in the same neighborhood lead to the
arrest of Idris I. (33) and both he and Mehmet Ö. were identified
by Selma Gül and her neighbors. The two suspects were taken to
the court house.

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