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Who's on First? Tale of Two Mustafa's

(Haberturk Newspaper, 29 January 2011)

In Korkuteli district of Antalya province, Kezban K. (22) and her
boyfriend Salih O. (26) ran away and got married on 26 December
2010 after Kezban's family refused to sanction the marriage.
Kezban's father Ahmet K. (50) was angered by his daughter's
action and, thinking that Salih's uncle Mustafa O. had helped the
two lovers flee, Ahmet K. abducted Mustafa O.'s 15 year-old
daughter A.O., planning to marry her off to his son, Mustafa K.

On 31 December Ahmet K., together with his son Mustafa K.
and one Arif B., followed A.O.'s school bus and when she
alighted in front of her high school in Korkuteli they grabbed
her and dragged her into Ahmet K.'s car. Witnesses alerted the
police to the kidnapping and the suspects' car was later found
abandoned at the Korkuteli district border.

On the night of 2 January, A.O. called her father Mustafa O.
on her cellphone to say that she was willing to marry Mustafa K.
A.O. pleaded with her father to refrain from hunting her down
'from mountain to mountain', and asked him to withdraw his
complaint about Mustafa K. so they could return to Korkuteli.

The police had no luck tracking down the suspects and A.O.
but shortly afterwards police did nab Arif B., who admitted
that Mustafa K. had kidnapped A.O. in order to marry her
but claimed that he didn't know where they were. Arif B. was

A few days ago, Ahmet K. and Mustafa K. dropped off A.O.
at a spot near downtown Korkuteli and disappeared. A.O.
then explained that she had been forcibly held in a stable and
in an abandoned house in a valley. She stated that on the day
of her kidnapping Mustafa K. had raped her. A.O. said that
she had been pressued to call her father and forced to talk on
the phone.

Psychological help for rape victim A.O. has begun but Mustafa O.
asserted that even though A.O. had been raped by Mustafa K. he
would not give permission for them to marry. Mustafa O. renewed
his legal complaint against the abductors.


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