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For 4 Turkish Brothers, They'll Always Have Paris

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 February 2011)

In Asnieres Sur Seine, one of the suburbs close to France's capital
Paris, four Turkish brothers had a fight over money that turned into
an all-out battle with guns and bats. During the fight, one brother killed
two others, while another survived his wounds.

According to information Hürriyet was able to obtain from eye witness
neighbors and security officials, the four brothers from Diyarbakır got
into a fight over debts connected with their bar in Paris. The fight
continued in front of the house of the oldest brother, Serkan Aras.
While one of his brothers tried to defend himself with a knife, Serkan
Aras used nail-spiked bat. Another brother suffered an axe blow to
his head and then fell to the floor with a bullet wound in the neck.
Next, another brother died right there from a  gunshot through his heart.
The brothers' father, Erdoğan Aras, arrived at the scene and tearfully
asked Serkan Aras 'how could you kill your brothers?'

Although police and rescue teams tried to save the brother wounded
in the head, they failed. Two brothers died and two escaped but
one was later captured. The police took all the family members into
custody in order to get statements from them. Turkish migrants in
the area who know the family said that the brothers' names were
Nedim, Cihan, Alan and Serkan.


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