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Well Eats Its Own

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 9 February 2011)

Mustafa Küçük, a 47 year-old livestock farmer living in Yatağan
district of Muğla province, lost his life when a rock fell on his head
at the bottom of a six meter-deep well he had dug himself in a search
for water.

Küçük, married and the father of three children, raised livestock
on a field located at Aşağıova site. Yesterday (Sunday) around noon
he descended into the well he began to dig three months ago and
which had reached a depth of six meters. Küçük was digging a
new arm of the well, parallel to the base of it, and had progressed
three meters when he was killed by a rock that fell on his head.

Küçük's brother Mehmet Küçük (37) became concerned when his
brother did not return by evening to his home in the Dere neighbor-
hood. Not finding Mustafa either at home or at the animal pens,
Mehmet went to the well his brother had dug and was confronted
with the lifeless body of his older brother inside the well.  It took
two hours to extract Mustafa's body from the well.

After an investigation by the police and the public prosecutor
Mustafa's body was taken to the Yatağan State Hospital and then
sent to the Izmir Forensic Medical Facility for a definite determina-
tion of the cause of death. The investigation related to the incident
is ongoing.

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