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Women Battle Taxi Driver with Pepper Spray

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 February 2011)

Bystanders watched a battle between two women and a taxi driver
in Beyoğlu with interest. The fight was caught by DHA cameras
second by second. One woman kicked off the taxi's side-view mirror
and fought off the taxi driver with pepper spray when he came after

The incident occured on Tarlabaşı Boulevard yesterday at 2230.
According to claims, while two women were getting out of a taxi
another taxi came along the right side quite close and the driver
blew his horn. Losing her bearings for a moment, one of the women
fell down. She then said to the driver 'why do you keep on blowing
your horn?' The argument between the women and the driver then
turned into a cursing match while bystanders tried to separate the two

The taxi driver was persuaded to get back in his car but one of the
women kicked off the taxi's side-view mirror. The driver then grabbed
a bat he had in his car and came after the women. This prompted one
women to take some pepper spray from her purse and spray it in the
driver's face. The driver nevertheless managed to hit one of the women
with the bat but he fell to the ground, whereupon the woman sprayed
him again.

Bystanders at this point could not keep the two sides apart and police
came. Both the women and the driver filed a complaint about each other
and all went to the Beyoğlu police station.

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