27 Şubat 2011 Pazar

'Friends' Abandon Fallen Treasure Hunter

cave (links to original article)

Ibrahim Çapa (32) got stuck in a cave in Akhisar district of Manisa
province for 18 hours while searching for treasure. Çapa fell into a 3.5
meter hole and was left for dead by his friends. He was saved by
Gendarmerie teams he contacted via his cellphone.

It was learned that Çapa and four friends came to Akhisar from Antalya
a few days ago to search for treasure. Since Çapa was the smallest and
thinnest of  the group he entered the cave but after advancing two meters
into the rocks he fell into a hole. Rather than helping Çapa, his friends
ran away so Çapa sought help from the Gendarmerie, which traced
Çapa's cellphone signal to the cave. Following a long struggle by AKUT
(Search and Rescue) and firefighters, Çapa was rescued.

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