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Cold-hearted Lawyer or Just Cold

sweaters (links to original article)

In Izmir, 47 year-old lawyer S.K. was taken into custody for stealing
three sweaters from a store in Konak. According to claims, S.K. took
7 or 8 sweaters she liked from a store worker and went to the dressing
room. When S.K. emerged a bit later she told the worker who asked
for the sweaters 'I'll put them in their place myself', but the worker
insisted on getting the sweaters back.

At this point, an alarm tag dropped to the floor from among the sweaters.
When the worker picked up the alarm tag and saw that it had been cut
from a sweater, on which part of the tag remained, store officials were
informed of the situation. The police were called and Z.K. was searched
in a special room, where it was determined that Z.K. had cut the alarm
tags with a scissors, that she was wearing two of them and that she had
put one in her handbag.

The sweaters, worth 377 Turkish Liras, were taken from S.K. and she
was brought to the Kemeraltı police station for an identity check. It was
here that police determined that S.K. was a lawyer accredited to the
Izmir Bar Association. Z.K. was freed pending trial.

When it was learned that the suspect was a lawyer, surprised store
officials and police mulled over the possibility that Z.K. may be a klepto-
maniac (a condition where a person cannot help themself from stealing
although they are not in need.) 

//ed. note: throughout the article the sweater thief was alternately
identified as S.K. or Z.K., perhaps to protect her from sweater

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