7 Şubat 2011 Pazartesi

Argument-Fight-Blood Feud-Aftermath

(Sabah Newspaper, 6 February 2011)

An argument over a girl erupted between youths after the wedding
of Ibrahim Kaplan and Emine Kaplan in Siirt on 17 October 2010.
The argument quickly turned into a fight and two family elders, Mehmet
Can Tetik and Mehmet Şirin Tetik, died and three members of the
same family were injured.

After the fight, eight members of the Ete family were arrested and
three people fled the country. The homes of the Ete family members
who had committed the murders were set afire. The fight then trans-
formed into a full-fledged blood feud and 11 families, comprising
21 women, 18 men and 59 children, fled to their relatives living in
Bismil district of Diyarbakır province.

These 98 people then began a struggle to live in Bismil, where the
district chief has provided them with five tents, 200 blankets, five
tons of coal and food aid. But since the food aid has run out the
migrants, who are spending the winter in tents, are now experiencing
both food and clothing shortages.

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