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Mexican Banditos, Flat Tires in Izmir

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 February 2011)

Remzi Göl and Cem Atsüren, who work as accountants in various
factories in Bursa, withdrew money from a bank in order to take it to
their work place. They got in their car and began to drive but shortly
afterwards they realized that they had a flat tire so they got out of the
car to change it. A couple who then approached them offering to help
instead stole the money in the car.

In the last month two such incidents have been recorded by security
cameras. Police investigated the drivers of 159 vehicles to find the
couple who stole 7,000 dollars from Remzi Göl and 15,000 dollars,
along with 5,000 Turkish Lira, from Cem Atsüren. Police determined
that one of these vehicles had been rented in Istanbul by a Mexican
couple. They apprehended Monika Madrid Rees (39) and her
husband Vicdor Manuel Samanigo Gorcya (46) while they were
sleeping in a hotel in Izmir the night before last.

After a search, police seized 11,755 dollars, 1850 Euros, 700 Turkish
Liras, 740 Mexican pesos and three Canadian dollars the suspects
had in their possession. The police also found needles for puncturing
automobile tires and a map of the city. The couple confessed to their

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