11 Şubat 2011 Cuma

Chief's Rooster Crows Too Early, Leaves as Gift

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Bilal Toprak, a second year student at Ankara University's Law
School, yesterday became the 2011th person to join the Facebook
page of Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ziya Özcan, the head of the Supreme
Education Council (YÖK). Özcan will present a Chinese rooster
as a gift to Toprak at a ceremony. The rooster in question has been
raised in the YÖK garden at Bilkent but because it crows too early
in the morning local residents have complained to Prime Minister
Tayyip Erdoğan.

Toprak said that he has tried to become the 2011th member ever
since the day he heard that Özcan would give the rooster as a gift.
He explained as follows: 'I have sympathy for Dr. Özcan anyway.
When I heard that he had opened a page on Facebook I wanted
to become a member but when I heard that he'd give the rooster
as a gift I became more determined. This morning (yesterday) it
all fell into place. I'm really glad. I live in an apartment but I'll have
a special place built there for the rooster. It's a memento of  Dr.
Özcan, it has a special place for me. Meeting with the chief  is
also getting me excited. YÖK officials called me yesterday and
afterwards the chief and I exchanged messages. I want to go to
YÖK as soon as possible and get my rooster. It's great that the
chief makes surprises like this that differ from the idea of YÖK
in peoples' mind. He doesn't sit in an ivory tower saying 'I'm
the YÖK Chief'. He's one with the people and with the students.'

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