7 Şubat 2011 Pazartesi

Silver-Tounged 'Captain' Gets Hooked

(Sabah Newspaper, 5 February 2011)

Ömer A. has been arrested in Gaziantep by the Provincial Security
Directorate's Pickpockets and Fraud team. Identifying himself
variously as an intelligence captain, an aircraft pilot captain or a staff
captain, Ömer A. has been touring various provinces promising to
marry young girls or to find jobs for the unemployed in military units.

Ömer A. defrauded a woman named Sevcan Ç. of 60,000 Turkish
Liras when he promised to wed her; had health worker Cenk A.
buy him 710 Turkish Liras worth of goods on his credit card;
and got Yunus M., who works in a health center, to buy him a
camera and a cellphone valued at 500 Turkish Liras.

Already wanted for fraud and bankruptcy crimes, Ömer A. was
transfered to jail after judicial proceedings at the security bureau.

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