7 Şubat 2011 Pazartesi

Separate but Equally Fun Sites

(Habertürk Newspaper, 6 February 2011)

In Şanlıurfa, the home province of singer Ibrahim Tatlıses, who famously
asked  sarcastically 'there's an Oxford in Urfa that I didn't go to?',
there may not be an Oxford but there is now a disco.

The disco, named 'Switch Club' //no kidding//, has opened in the
basement of an office building but does not allow women. The male
patrons, however, are checking out the place and dancing to the
invigorating songs played.  Manager Mustafa Avşar explained that
'we didn't have such a place in our town so we decided to open this
disco-bar. We wanted to add some color to Şanlıurfa's nights and to
make a  contribution to our city's development.'

The surprise guest at the opening was Murat Başaran and the guests
thoroughly enjoyed themselves to the sound of his songs.

Meanwhile, in Akşehir, a gaming coffehouse opened a week ago with
a sign on the door which reads 'Men Forbidden to Enter'. Manager
Zübeyde Sürmeli explained that 'I opened this place with my husband's
blessing. Our place has everything, customers can drink coffee and tea
while they chat, play 'okey' or backgammon. Everyone who comes is
quite pleased.'

Sürmeli, who as a woman prizes cleanliness highly, greets her customers
with a smiling face. She said that 'I opened this place in our neighborhood
so women can come in their sweats if they want, just like they would if
visiting a neighbor.' Sürmeli said that it's important for women to be able
to leave the stresses of home, even if only for five minutes, and she added
that she is planning special events days for the women.

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