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Chivalrous Ex-Minister Goes A Kiss Too Far

yücelen (links to original article)

(Habertürk Newspaper,  11 February 2011)
An indictment has been prepared  about former Minister Rüştü Kazım
Yücelen for the crime of  'intentional sexual assault', which carries up to
a ten-year sentence in accordance with article 102 of Turkish Law.
An inquiry was begun after a complaint was filed regarding the
8 November incident.

The doctor and her sibling were guests of Yücelen, whom they knew
through their family, at a hotel. While chatting, Yücelen became uneasy
and asked the doctor to give him an injection. Yücelen then went
to another room with Dr. Necla G. but when the ampoule holding the
medicine broke the doctor's finger bled. The sexual harassment began
at this point.

It is claimed that Yücelen kissed the doctor's cut finger twice in a row
and when she tried to leave he pulled Dr. Necla G. toward himself
and forced a kiss on her lips. There will be an announcement within
15 days as to whether or not the indictment will be accepted.

//ed. note: Yücelen was Interior Minister from 6/2001 to 8/2002//

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