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Magical Mushrooms for Cancer Fight

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(Star Newspaper, 25 February 2011)

Doctors told Dida Kaymaz 'you have six months to live' but she's
beaten cancer in three of five organs. Now she's working for cancer

Before she was 26 years old Dida Kaymaz had been stricken with
stomach, colon and lung cancer. The disease subsequently spread to
her brain putting her in a life and death struggle and prompting doctors
to give her only six months to live. Six years later she's beaten cancer.

Dida Kaymaz, now 32, is the head of the Cancer-free Life Association
and she succeeded in beating cancer cells in three parts of her body.
She's now working to help cancer patients and says 'great success has
been achieved against three of the cancers in five separate organs of mine.
There was cancer in my stomach, colon, lungs, liver and brain. The cancer
cells have been neutralized in all but my colon and lungs. I was losing 5-0
to cancer but now I'm in the lead at 3-2.'

Kaymaz explained that she ate a diet without red meat and sugar and made
sure to spend lots of time in a oxygen-full environment. Kaymaz said that
she sees alternative medicine as a complementing treatment for cancer
patients and that she has been drinking reishi mushroom tea to strengthen
her immune system for five and a half years.

Dida Kaymaz provided information about a project she has planned with
the support of Pendosis Holiday Village and the Çukurova Development
Agency to raise reishi mushrooms. Kaymaz explained that reishi mushrooms
have been used for thousands of years to treat a great number of ailments
and are known as 'immortal mushrooms'. She added that 'reishi has a great
role to play in the supportive treatment of cancer but they're very difficult
to find and are very expensive. We plan to raise these medicinal mushrooms
and provide them to cancer patients free of charge.'

//ed. note: separate reporting indicates that reishi mushrooms are considered
the only natural medicine for cancer in Japan. Kaymaz plans to raise reishi
mushrooms in the Toros Mountains near Adana.//

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