22 Şubat 2011 Salı

Shopkeeper Reads Shoppers the Riot Act

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 February 2011)

//ed. note: for a similar story, see 'Tell it to the Wall' (4 Jan 2011)//

In Adana's Kozan district, a storekeeper who wanted to relieve
himself from some of his customers' requests and bothersome
behavior has put up some interesting warnings and prohibitions,
written on cardboard in the store. Customers who have read them
are amazed.

Store owner Mehmet Canbolat (52) has been selling stationary,
electronic goods and gifts for 26 years. He stated that he's come
into contact with many customers during this time and has sometimes
encountered strange requests and behaviour. Some of the written
warnings that Canbolat has posted in his store include:

'No shopping for women who ask lots of questions and don't mind
their children'

'No talking politics'

'Behave yourself. No 'tough guy' attitudes'

'If you're going to talk trash and disturb others don't shop here.'

'If our store doesn't suit you don't buy anything.'

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