9 Şubat 2011 Çarşamba

Slick Thieves Use Metro for Cover

robbers (links to original article)

Workers at a foreign exchange bureau on Inönü Boulevard in the Hatay
neighborhood of Izmir found the steel safe in pieces when they entered
the store yesterday morning. Based on a police investigation, it emerged
that the thieves had first put the building's alarm and telephone systems
out of commission. As a result, the entire apartment building's internet
line was cut.

The robbers were able to cut the steel bars on the windows at the rear
of the exchange bureau and enter inside. They then used an oxygen-
fueled torch to cut through the safe and make off with 100,000 dollars.
Police checked with apartment residents who said they heard a lot of
noise but attributed it to ongoing metro construction.  The thieves also
removed the hard disk in the computer that records  images from
security cameras.

//ed. note: last sentence appeared in print version but not internet

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