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How Do You Spell "Success"? Answer: RTE

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(Odatv and Sozcu Newspaper, 25 August 2014)

                            On the fast track

Muhammet Safi has been appointed as the head  of the
Ottoman Archives, after having received three promotions
in one year. According to a report on the Odatv internet site,
Safi joined the researchers group of the Prime Minister's Office in
2013. Soon afterwards, he was assigned as the coordinator of
the office directorate and last month he was named to lead the
Ottoman Archives.

State employees usually have to wait years for promotions so
Safi's rapid rise has attracted attention. (Perhaps coincidentally!)
in December 2007 Safi's book "Rize Tahrir-i Osur Envanteri"
(Inventory of the Tax Registry of Rize) contained the family
records of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's family dating
back to 1850. Safi calls the book the "RTE book", which (again
coincidentally!) refers to both the title of the book and the PM's

Safi is mentioned in the book of our (Odatv and Sozcu) writer Soner
Yalcin, as follows: "Muhammet Safi, who published the registry,
wrote that Bakatoglu Memis was the brother of Erdogan's great
great grandfather. Safi claims that Memis paid the second most
amount of tax in Pilihoz village and that Erdogan's great great
grandfather is recorded in the 1831 registry found in the Ottoman
Archives. These registries have not yet been completely classified
and so are not available to researchers. In that case how does
Safi know that Erdogan's real great great grandfather is recorded
in the registry? There's something fishy here."  

PM (as of tomorrow President) RTE's homeland.

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