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Summer's End: 'Burkini' 'OUT'; Family Yacht Fight 'IN'

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 28 August 2014)

 Bikini  vs.  Burkini - let the fellas pick the winna...

Women wearing the 'burkini' have been banned from entering pools in
Morocco, where millions of tourists from Europe visit each year. In the
city of Marakkesh, quite a number of touristic facilities have announced
that only 'traditional bathing suits' may be worn in pools because the
'burkini' creates 'a hygiene problem'.

The term 'burkini' comes from the merging of 'burka', the garment that
completely covers a woman's body, and the bikini. The ban has brought
about an angry reaction from conservative elements in Morocco.

 Sun tan oil companies behind this, no doubt.

turkce links to related Turkish article

(Posta Newspaper, 28 August 2014)

         K.D. and his elusive yacht.

Businessman K.D. (52) gave his brother-in-law H.K. the use of  his
30-meter yacht so that H.K. could earn money to pay off the 2 million
TL ($1 million) he owed to K.D.  However, H.K. hijacked the boat,
which, according to a court order K.D. had had issued, must remain in
the port of Bodrum.

The yacht was located in the Greek islands where H.K. was trying to
sell it. The boat was brought back to Bodrum and the ban on its
movement outside Bodrum re-issued.  H.K. gave a statement to the
Coast Guard Command  and was released.

As fate would have it, K.D and H.K. ran into each other on the street
and argued.  One thing led to another and K.D. pulled out his licensed
revolver and shot his brother-in-law once in the stomach and twice in
the leg. As H.K. headed for the hospital, K.D. surrendered to police.

Explaining the situation, K.D. said "he said he wouldn't pay his debt
and he wouldn't give me my yacht back. He gravely insulted me.
When he attacked me I had to defend myself."  H.K.'s condition was
described as 'good'.

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