9 Ağustos 2014 Cumartesi

Double Prayers for Refilled Coffin

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 August 2014)

Mezarlığa kadar giden tabut boştu
"Hmmm, was the old gal such a light-weight?"

There was an incident that occurred in Hatiplar village
in Usak province's Banaz district that leaves no need to
look for made-up stories. Helime Tekin (75) died of
chronic ailments the day before yesterday in the village.
Her body was cleaned and shrouded at the village
mosque by women after prayers.

After finishing their duty the women left the washing
place in the mosque. At this time the coffin that the
village people would use to transport the body to the
cemetery was left not at the washing place but on the
stone on which the encoffined corpse is placed during
the funeral service.

However, someone forgot to put Helime's body, which
remained at the washing place, into the coffin. So the
congregation gathered for noon prayers and then
gathered in front of the (body-less) coffin for the
funereal prayers, before setting out for the graveyard
3 kilometers away.

When the coffin arrived at the grave site and the
coffin was opened the mourners were shocked to
see that there was no body in it. Realizing that Helime's
corpse had been left at the washing place, everyone
walked back to the mosque. There, the body was put
into the coffin and funereal prayers were offered once
again. All concerned returned to the cemetery where
Helime was laid to rest.

          Banaz district is in Usak's far east.

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