13 Ağustos 2014 Çarşamba

Clothesline Tales: Lucky Bounce, Panty Raid

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(Sozcu and Milliyet Newspapers, 12 August 2014)

Bursa'da Mucize Kurtuluş. Apartmanın 6. Katından Düştü

 Next: buy a lottery ticket before luck runs out.

In Bursa, Orhan Can (36) was drinking alcohol in his
sixth floor flat in an apartment building on Gazcilar
Boulevard.  Can went out on his balcony and lost his
balance and fell over the balcony railing. He dropped onto
a clothesline attached to the 5th floor balcony below
and the spring of the line miraculously hurled him onto
the 5th floor balcony.

 Nevertheless, although he didn't fall to the ground below
Can got his arm caught in the iron railing of the 5th floor
apartment. Rescue teams freed his arm after about a half
hour of effort. Can was brought to Muradiye State
Hospital for treatment.

Çamaşır ipleri hayatını kurtardı
Cop thinking "and you want to be my latex salesman..."

turkce links to related Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 August 2014)

A hook from above dives in...

The Istanbul Prosecutor's Office has opened an interesting
case about sexual harassment.  According to the indictment,
a man named M.A. (36) went out on his balcony at 6:30 on
a September morning in 2012 to smoke a cigarette. At this
point, M.A. saw the underwear of his downstairs neighbor
S.E. (31) hanging on the balcony clothesline below. Using a
pen and a string M.A. tried to pull the underwear up to himself.

However, S.E. saw what was happening and screamed at
M.A., yelling "aren't you ashamed of yourself?!  I'm your
neighbor!" S.E. filed a complaint with the police.  M.A.
is being tried for 'sexual harassment' and faces a jail sentence
of from 3 months to 2 years.

In his own defense, M.A. stated that he has had problems
with S.E.'s husband but "I get along with everyone in the
building. I don't know what their angle is."  M.A.'s wife
C.A. came to her husband's defense, testifying that "we've
been married for six years and I never saw anything like
this from him. I don't think he did it. It's slander."

The court has ordered that the string and pen allegedly used
by M.A. be sent to the police lab for fingerprint examination.

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