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Wild Things Edition: Ferocious Wolf, Poison Fish

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 August 2014)

        Blitzed by a wolf.  Full moon in Sivas.

In Sivas 4 people were injured in wolf attacks. One of them,
Abdurrahman Kara (69) was watering his beet field in
Damlacik village near Sivas city when a wolf jumped him.
In the same area, Ahmet Topcu (50) and his son Ismet (29)
were having a picnic along the banks of the Kizilirmak river
when a wolf attacked them. Similarly, Kemal Keles (40),
who was also watering his beet field in Kalin village, met
with the same fate.

All four were taken by ambulance to Cumhuriyet University
Medical Faculty Research and Implementation Hospital.
Kara explained that he was "sitting under a tree when a wolf
came at me from behind. I grabbed its neck and it released
me. I ran, got into my tractor cab and shut the door."

As for the Topcu father and son, they related that "it jumped
on me like a deer. First the wolf bit my arm and then it took
the top off my pinky finger. They sewed it back on at the
hospital.  I've never seen a monster like that!"

Keles described his experience as follows: "the wolf jumped
on top of me and we both fell into the river. I grabbed it by
the throat and strangled it in the water."

                Sivas province.
turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 26 August 2014)

Bu balığı görürseniz uzak durun
         It came from the oceans of Planet Nine...

The poisonous lion fish (pterois miles), native to the Indian Ocean,
has been identified along the Mediterranean Sea shore.  Dr. Mehmet
Gokoglu, head of the Akdeniz University Underwater Operations
and Research Center,  said that the fish, which is colored and has
poisonous fins, was spotted at Kekova. Dr. Gokoglu had this to say
about the lion fish: "this fish can't move quickly but its thorn-like fin
has poison in it.  Humans who come in contact with it can die. People
with allergies are at increased risk. Generally, it live along the shore
among rocks and mudflats."

Kekova, on Turkey's SW Med coast.

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