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Family Members Shall Marry in Turn, Or Else!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 August 2014)

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                 The happy couple, prior to unhappiness.

In Balikesir, angry uncle Fatih Cavus stormed a wedding
hall and started firing his gun. Two people were killed
and 6 were wounded in the frightful incident. According to
accounts, the incident came to pass as follows:

Gulden Aykurt (26) and Aytekin Vay (27) fell in love and
decided to get married. When both of their families approved
the young couple began to make arrangements. However,
the prospective bride's uncle Fatih Cavus (31) proclaimed that
it was his turn within the family to marry and he objected to
his niece Gulden's marriage plans.

Cavus, who works as a minibus driver and who is known to
have psychological problems, protested but the wedding plans
continued to take shape and an engagement party was arranged
for the night before last. After watching the proceedings for a
while, Cavus left the hall and retrieved a pump-action rifle from
his car.  Upon reentering the hall, Cavus fired at the feet of a
guest and the ricochets wounded some people.

Next, Cauvus fired at Nevzat Vay, father of the prospective
groom, and some guests wrestled the rifle from his hands.
Nevertheless, Cavus pulled a revolver from his belt and fired
at groom Aytekin Vay and his brother Gultekin. At this point
a retired police officer grabbed Cavus from behind  and held
him still, turning him over to the police.

Both Nevzat Vay and his son Aytekin died as the result of
Cavus's bullets.  Six people were wounded by Cavus, one of
them seriously - Gultekin Vay, brother of the groom.

        Balikesir province.

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