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Extreme Parents: Nanny Beaten; Mom Ups Son's PT

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 August 2014)

Now qualifies for danger pay.

Nuri Gural, the head of Gural Construction, and his wife
Meral Gurel hired Uzbek citizen Dilnoza Ismatova (32) to
look after their 5 year-old daughter. When the Gural couple
came home on 3 August their daughter wasn't there so they
called nanny Ismatova and told her to come home at once.

Would that her laugh had been beaten with an iron pipe.

Upon arriving at the house with the little girl, Nuri Gural
beat Ismatova with an iron pipe.  The nanny was then taken
to the hospital where she was found to have two broken
arms and a cracked hip bone.  Upon Ismatova's complaint,
Nuri Gural was summoned to the police station to give a
statement. In his turn, he accused the nanny of "kidnapping
and abduction."

Explaining her actions, Ismatova stated that "I had to pay
a debt to my friend and I didn't want to leave the child
home alone so I took her with me. Without letting me
explain Mr. Nuri began to beat me. The police who came
to the house saved me."  As for wife Meral Gural, she said
that the claims (nanny's or Nuri bey's?) were baseless.

turkce  links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 6 August 2014)

B-ball stage mom Irem hanim and PT-hungry Berk

The Turkish Boys Youth Basketball team has reached the
summit of the sport in Europe but after the quarter final
match against Latvia an interesting incident took place. A
mother cut off the Turkish team bus as it was about to
leave the arena in Konya.

The mom, Irem Ugurlu, the mother of Fenerbahce player
Berk Ugurlu,  stopped the bus and screamed to Berk "get
off that bus son!"  Irem Ugurlu confronted the team's
coaches, asserting that "my son is a Euroleague player! His
coach at Fenerbahce, Obradovic, gives him much more
playing time (PT) than you do!"

However, it turns out that Berk Ugurlu averages 24 minutes
PT per game. Nevertheless, after the mom's outburst, Berk
played 29 minutes in the semi-final game against Croatia
and 26 minutes in the final (which Turkey won handily)
against Serbia.

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