10 Ağustos 2014 Pazar

Chaise Longue Terror Wave Continues!

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 10 August 2014)

//ed. note: see our report of 8/8/14 for related news
on this troubling trend.//

They look so innocent, and tempting...

Two English brothers, Danny and Ben Slade, in Bodrum
for a holiday  were stabbed in front of tens of tourists
because of a poolside chaise longue argument. The
incident occurred in the Gumbet section of Bodrum
where, allegedly, the two English brothers threw their
towels on a couple of chaise longues to reserve them.

A Turkish youth who had come to Gumbet from abroad
for vacation took exception to this action by the brothers
and an argument ensued. According to the statement of
the English brothers, in spite of their saying that "we're
taking two of these chaise longues", the Turkish youth,
who has had training in kick-boxing, could not be
deterred from his own interest in the chairs.

Ben Slade after chasing one chaise longue too many.

As the brothers' father Daniel Slade (50) went to get
hotel staff, the Turkish youth launched a knife attack
on Danny and Ben, screaming "I'll kill you!" while he
stabbed them. The brothers were hospitalized for
treatment and the English press wrote that the Turkish
youth had been taken into custody but released on

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