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More Archeology: Longevity; Behind the Scenes Intrigue

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 August 2014)

38 years of fun and music, and nothing but fun and music...

Italian archeologist Prof. Dr. Marcella Frangipane (66) has been
excavating the Aslantepe Hoyugu (mound) for 38 years (!).
Arslantepe Hoyugu, in Orduzu hamlet of Battalgazi district, Malatya
province, has a history that stretches back to 5,000 years B.C. and
is one of 13 sites in Turkey added to UNESCO World Cultural
Heritage Temporary List.   Dr. Frangipane is head of the excavation
committee at Aslantepe Hoyugu and a member of the faculty at Roma
La Sapienze University in Italy. She joined the Aslantepe effort at age
28 in 1976.

//more info: http://www.roughguides.com/destinations/europe/turkey/euphrates-tigris-basin/malatya-around/aslantepe/

Battalgazi district  in central Malatya and a close-up map.
turkce links to original Turkish article.

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 August 2014)

O dernek kapandı
Leading Man Guney with Tavsan Island in the background.

Film star Salih Guney settled in Gumusluk, Bodrum, about two years ago and
dedicated himself to Myndos Antique City there. First, Guney established the
Myndos City Preservation and Information Association, with the group's initial
action being to settle 5 wild rabbits on Asar Island, known to the public as
Tavsan (Rabbit) Island.  The association provided support to ongoing
excavations at Myndos and arranged several activities to publicize Myndos.

However, a shocking decision was made the day before yesterday at the
association's general congress - Guney, who is angry with the excavation's
leader, announced that the association was being dissolved.  Guney is at odds
with Prof. Dr.Mustafa Sahin, Uludag University Archeology Chief, who heads
the excavation. Guney explained that "just one headstone has been unearthed
in the year he's been working at the site. He (Sahin) said that he 'found a
10,000-seat antique theater', turning all of Gumusluk into a sea of holes. We
said if you've found such a theater then let's get monetary support from
international funds via the Holland Consulate General but he wouldn't agree."

Continuing, Sahin added that "there's been no progress for a year. The
people of Gumusluk have been inconvenienced, with the shore road being
closed because of the excavations. For the store and restaurant owners of
Gumusluk this has been very difficult time since tourism is the only draw.
An alternative road was opened but there have been at least 9 accidents
on it."

"We started the excavation work on the understanding that there was a
10,000-seat antique theater and a hamam (bath) but so far we've seen
neither. Because of Dr. Sahin's attitude we realized that we cannot
support the excavations and we therefore decided to dissolve the
association.  Dr. Sahin will be remembered as 'the first excavation chief
in history to have an association closed down.'"

As for Dr. Sahin, he had no statement on either the claims made about
him or the closing of the association.

//more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myndus

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