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Chaise Longue Clash, Judge Faces Jail Time

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 8 August 2014)

Much-coveted and worth fighting for...

An incident occurred on the Kabakumalti shore in Dikili
district of Izmir province on 21 August 2013 as follows:
Supreme Court Investigative Judge F.A. went to the Elit-
Yar holiday village reserved for jurists. There Judge F.A.
argued with two young girls who were sunning themselves
on the  village's chaise longues.

When F.A. pulled suddenly pulled a towel from beneath
the head of 14 year-old E.G., who had come from the U.S.
for a vacation, the young girl's neck was injured. E.G.'s
family filed a complaint wth the Izmir Public Prosecutor
but because the suspect was a judge the file had to be
passed on to the Ankara Sincan Public Prosecutor.

Following its investigation, the Ankara prosecutor's office
asked the Serious Crimes Court for a sentence of from 2 to 5
years for F.A. for "willfully inflicting injury".  Suspect F.A.
offered the following defense in court: "there is bad blood
between the victim's holiday village and ours. Two people
were sunning themselves on two chaise longues belonging
to our village. I asked them 'do you live in this village?' and
I took the chaise longues."

"One of the women began to yell and I warned her not to
speak with a raised voice. At this point a man pushed me
down and an argument ensued between us. Violence was
visited upon me and my son, as the two women continued
to sun themselves. The Gendarmerie was advised of the
situation. The idea that I pulled a towel and injured someone
is beyond reality. I reject the accusation made against me."

F.A. requested an acquittal as the court postponed the case
until further evidence is gathered and witnesses heard.

Dikili district of Izmir province, circled in red.

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