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No Sex Please, We're Turkish

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 11 August 2014)

            Sinners kicking up a storm...

Thousands of people gathered yesterday morning for one
of the biggest events in the east Black Sea region, the
Sis Dagi (Fog Mountain) Festival at Salpazar in Trabzon.
Around noontime those who came down to the festival
area to dance the 'horon' formed a great 'horon' circle,
accompanied by drums and music, with men and women,
boys and girls joining in the joyful dance.

     Reserving his place in the Islamic State.

However, Dr. Hayrettin Ozturk, the deputy mufti (religious
leader) of Samsun, himself a native of Salpazar, made some
remarks first, declaring that it is a sin for men and women
to dance the 'horon ' together. Ozturk said that "it is my duty
to say this. If I don't then God will ask me to answer for it.
Even if the person next to you is your sister or brother, you
cannot dance the 'horon' with men and women together.
There's no objection in Islam for women to dance the 'horon'
among themselves.  But even I, the Samsun mufti, cannot
view it and you certainly cannot either. In other words,
woman can watch an all-woman 'horon' and both men and
women can watch an all-men 'horon'. Women and men
dancing together is a sin according to Islam and there would
be a price to pay for this.  'Turkuler' (Turkish folk songs)
must not be obscene either."

Salpazar is Trabzon's westernmost district.

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 12 August 2014)

You can't see the women for the trees.

Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel of the ruling AKP party,
has issued instructions regarding the 'women-only beach'
at the Sarisu park, along the Antalya-Kemer highway.
According to Mayor Turel, the camouflage of the beach
is essentially 'positive discrimination' in favor of women.

Pine trees have been planted close together to prevent any
view of the beach from the road. Additionally, sand had
been piled up and barb wire fencing put in place at the
other end of the beach.

     Hizzoner, women's rights champion.

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