14 Ağustos 2014 Perşembe

ISIS Mourns Robin Williams, In Its Way

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 14 August 2014)

                     Maybe No?

The suicide of Oscar winning actor Robin Williams has
created tension within the Iraq Sam Islam Devleti (ISID/
ISIS), which has turned the Middle East into a lake of
blood.  Militants who have joined ISIS from European
countries have shared condolence messages on social
media about Williams's death.  One ISIS youth named
Abdullah (19) noted that "I grew up watching his films".

Another ISIS member shared a "what a tragedy" message
but other ISIS militants had a different reaction, with one
saying "he committed suicide, he wore women's clothes
and he stained our religion. May God punish him in hell."
Yet another ISIS member remarked that "those who
praise him should review their beliefs."

One ISIS militant mused that "he made good films but
in the end he was an infidel." In response to the negative
reactions, the condolence messages were erased.

            Good Morning Mosul!

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