3 Ağustos 2014 Pazar

Disfunctional Family Edition

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 3 August 2014)

Meal tent in the foreground of the Abant Kosk Hotel.

Together with the end of Ramazan the Bolu Abant
Nature Park began to see an influx of Arab tourists.
Emir Khalid Bin Seaidan, a member of the royal Saudi
family, came to the 5-star lakeside Abant Kosk Hotel
with his family for a summer vacation.

The day before yesterday the Emir and his 37-member
family arrived by plane in Istanbul and from there they
traveled on to the Abant Nature Park in rented jeeps
and luxury minibuses. The family has taken the entire
Abant Kosk Hotel for two weeks.

The Emir and his four wives and numerous children
will stay at the 12-room luxury boutique hotel. They
have also had a tent pitched under the pine trees in the
hotel garden for meals.

Men have been forbidden to enter the hotel while the
Emir and his family are there. Only women chefs and
waiters have been permitted to work. The meal tent is
continually cleaned and the food is prepared with great

Abant Lake in Bolu is a few hours drive from Istanbul.

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 3 August 2014)

TV wedding gets bad ratings in real life...

Retired electronic technician Rifa Gonbak (57) of Avcilar,
Istanbul,  wanted to marry for the third time so he
participated in a TV matchmaking program. Gonbak
appeared on the program for a month and met Selime
Gunaydin (47), a mother of three  who had divorced her
first husband. Gunaydin accepted Gonbak's marriage
proposal and the two were betrothed on TV on 10 April.

An argument erupted between the couple because Gunaydin's
10 year-old son was staying with them. During the argument
the day before yesterday Gonbak grabbed a bread knife and
stabbed his wife in six places, killing her. In his statement
Gonbak explained that "I said 'I told you not to have your
son stay with us again' and an argument broke out. Then I
stabbed her."

Gunaydin had also experienced violence with her first
husband and has appealed to the public prosecutor for

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