13 Ağustos 2016 Cumartesi

Accidents Happen, Responses Vary

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 August 2016)

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  Well, at least the car seats are still clean.

In Adıyaman, a motorist hit two youngsters riding on a
bicycle and took them to a health unit - in the trunk of his car.
The accident occurred the day before yesterday on the Kahta-
Siverek road, near the village of Narince.

Driver Mehmet K. hit Mustafa O.(14) and his cousin
Hüseyin O. (13), who were both seriously injured.  Mehmet K.,
then put both boys in the trunk of his car so that they wouldn't
dirty his car seats (!) and delivered them to a nearby health unit
in Narince.

From Narince the boys were taken by ambulance to Kahta State
Hospital, where Hüseyin O. was placed in the intensive care
section.  At first, the boys' families did not file a complaint
against Mehmet K. but upon learning that he had put them in his
trunk they changed their minds.

From his hospital bed, Mustafa O. said that "the driver first
put Hüseyin in the trunk, then me.  But my arm was stuck
between the trunk hood and the back of the car so I screamed.
He heard me and opened the trunk hood so I could straighten
my arm out. Then he closed the hood again and took us to
Narince. From there they took us to the hospital in an

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                    Adıyaman province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 August 2016)

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"Gonna watch a movie. What could go wrong?"

Last January, Şeyda Hancıoğlu Efe (35) went to the sinema at
Metrocity Shopping Center in Levent, Istanbul, with her sister
Sena Hancıoğlu to see the film 'Rüzgârın Hatıraları" (Memories
of the Wind).

About 15 minutes after the film began a two square-meter piece
of wood fell from the ceiling onto Şeyda hanım's head.  Yet,
although sister Sena and other patrons pleaded with the sinema
workers to stop the film, turn on the lights and summon medical
help, the film continued and the lights stayed off.

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         Moviegoer fashion, henceforth.

With the help of lights from cellphones, Şeyda hanım, nearly
unconscious, was guided to the foyer and taken by ambulance
to a hospital.  Meanwhile,despite the possibility that more
pieces might fall from the ceiling, the sinema hall was not

At the hospital, Şeyda hanım had to have 9 stitches to close
the wound on her scalp. Subsequently, in court Şeyda hanım
asked for 21,352 TL compensation from the sinema firm,
Kapsam Sinemacılık.  The firm's lawyer, though, claimed that
employees had helped Şeyda hanım and that "the claimant was
taken to the best hospital, where our firm payed about 5,000 TL
in expenses."

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