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Breaking the Coup Codes

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 25 August 2016)

dollars see this for previous TNT reporting on FETÖ's USD.

İşte FETO’cülerin gerçek '1 dolar' şifresi: Rakamlar değil harfler...
Doesn't buy as much of a coup as it used to...

After the FETÖ (coup plotters) putsch on 15 July, the US
1 dollar bills found on soldiers, governors, district chiefs,
police and civilians said to be FETÖ members were analyzed.
Now it turns out that the serial numbers on the bills are the
ciphers that denote whether the person is a FETÖ member or
not, rather than the dollar's letter - F, G, H or L.

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        Success: missed it by 'that much'.

The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT)
evaluated the statements given by high-level FETÖ members
and analyzed the serial numbers on the bills to break the code.
The numbers equate to the identity and ID number of the
FETÖ member.

For example, when a FETÖ member goes to visit a FETÖ
school in Africa or in the Turkish republics of Central Asia,
the 1 dollar bill is requested and run through the computer base
to determine whether or not the holder is actually a FETÖ member.

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Very proud MİT Chief congratulated by the President.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 August 2016)
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     Picked up in Saylorsburg PA as a 'hoodie'. 

MİT has succeeded in breaking the ciphers of the ByLock cellphone
application used by FETÖ members to communicate with each other
after the failed 15 July coup attempt.  In doing so, MİT has compiled
a list of 53,000 FETÖ members who used the ByLock application. The
list was run through the SGK (Social Security Council) data base to
identify government employees who are ByLock users and FETÖ

In the course of the investigation the deputy chief of the Ankara
Security Directorate's Anti-terror Unit, B.Ç., was taken into custody.
The Bylock shock is continuing to rattle the Ankara Security Directorate.
According to information obtained by Milliyet, yesterday 190 members
of the directorate, including some at the director, chief and police level,
were fired.

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Pity. Anti-terror deputy had a great TV -movie thing going.

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