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Mom Auditions for 'Psycho' Sequel

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 August 2016)

Impromptu performance dazzles prospective directors.

Ayşe C. (40) came to Turkey from Germany with her 16 year-old
daughter Sinem for a summer vacation.  Yesterday morning, while
staying at the home of Ayşe's younger brother in Kuhtaya, Ayşe
hanım heard some noise coming from the room where her Sinem
and her cousin Elif were sleeping.

Ayşe went into the room to investigate and saw that both girls
were fast asleep. She also noticed, though, that there were men's
shoes next to the closet.  Thinking there were robbers in the
house, Ayşe went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

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         The resemblance is uncanny...

When Ayşe hanım opened the clothes closet she came face to
face with Furkan O. (18) and Ahmet Sefa B. (17) and attacked
them both with the knife.  At this point, Sinem and Elif jumped
out of bed, telling Ayşe hanım that the boys were their friends.

During the melee Furkan and Ahmet Sefa were wounded in
various places and Elif suffered a slight cut on her arm.  The
boys were taken to a hospital for treatment.

The girls explained to police that at night they has secretly
brought the boys into their room and that while they were
chatting (!) Ayşe hanım woke up.  The boys hid in the closet.
Ayşe hanım was arrested and taken to jail.

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