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Turkish as Health Hazard

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 August 2016)

//ed. note: see this TNT report turkishpunch for a similar
incident that occurred recently in, of all places, Uruguay.//

Türkçe konuştuğu için yumruklandı!
Maybe he wasn't speaking proper 'Istanbul' Turkish...

In Vancouver, Canada, Turkish Canadian Dino Demir was
having coffee in a popular coffee shop.  As he spoke Turkish
on his phone, he caught the attention of two other customers.
Holding beer bottles in their hands, the other customers
confronted Demir, saying "you're speaking a foreign language
and you're coming to this country. Get out of here and go back
to your own country!"

In response, Demir admonished his collocutors about drinking
beer in a public place, which prompted the two customers to
punch Demir.  Afterwards, Demir stated that "two of the (coffee
shop) firm's workers were also angry that I was speaking Turkish."
Speaking to Canadian TV's CTV station, Demir said that he
became a target for speaking Turkish but he is nevertheless a
'proud' tax-paying Canadian citizen.

Canadian police are looking into whether the incident was a
hate crime.

Image result for vancouver map
Turks advised to whisper henceforth in Vancouver.

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