6 Ağustos 2016 Cumartesi

Snake-killer Fined but Defiant

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 6 August 2016)

Ahırına girmeye çalışan 4 yılanı öldürdü

Village chief Ahmet Turan, of Eyuplar village in Yalvaç
district of İsparta province, killed four snakes that came
into the shed next to his house in June. Turan then posted
a photo of himself and the dead snakes on social media
with the message "with God's help we neutralized the snakes
that came near our house."

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Brethren slaughtered.  He's not amused.

snakes' theme song  (a.k.a Escape From NY)

However, when the photo was published in the press
authorities from the National Parks General Directorate
noticed and fined Turan 3,841 TL (about 1,200 USD) for
killing endangered species.  Turan admitted that he violated
the law but has appealed his fine, asking "what else could I
do?" when faced with the snake threat.

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              İsparta province

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