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From Kyrgyzstan With (Too Much) Love

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 August 2016)

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     The late Muammer and Kanzade hanım.

Hearing nothing from his younger brother for too long a
time, Şuayip Başak went to the home of his sibling Muammer
Başak but got no response.  Şuayip had a locksmith open the
door and found Muammer dead and wrapped in a blanket.

Police determined that Muammer had been strangled and they
learned, as well, that Muammer had a Kyrgyz girlfriend, Kanzade
Bekturova, who was living with him.  Looking further into the
situation, police came upon a notebook with an address in Kayseri
and found out that Bekturova had gone there by bus.

Police apprehended Bekturova at the home of her aunt A.K. in
Kayseri.  Bekturova told police that she had come from Kyrgyzstan
to Antalya at the start of the year based on a promise of a job.
Instead, Bekturova said she was forced into prostitution and held
responsible for a 3,000 USD debt to the person who lured her to

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Hüseyin Ş., Kanzade's too-influential advisor.

While in Antalya, Bekturova met Muammer.  She explained that
"there was an emotional connection between us. He said he wanted
to bring me to Konya, which he did in May.  After a while, though,
he would come home drunk and beat me, as was the case on the
night of the incident.  After he beat me he passed out on the bed."

Continuing, Bekturova said that at this point she called Hüseyin Ş.,
with whom she had had sexual relations for money in Konya.
Bekturova said that she told Hüseyin "I'm going to kill myself. I
can't take it anymore!"  In response, Hüseyin advised Bekturova
"instead of killing yourself, kill him." (!)

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This advice prompted Bekturova to grab her scarf and strangle
the unconscious Muammer with it for 5 minutes. She added that
"I left the fan on next to him to get rid of the smell. Then I went
to my aunt's in Kayseri."  Based on Bekturova's statement,
Hüseyin was also taken into custody and they were both jailed.

Selçuklu is a district of Konya city, the provincial capital.


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