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San Quentin Death Row Inmate in Turkey With CIA?

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(Akşam Newspaper, 5 August 2016)

cushy prison lifestyle including vacations in Turkey?

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"Hmmm, maybe the CIA will take me on a trip to Turkey..."

The group of 16 people, 10 of them foreigners, arrived on
Büyükada from Bostancı secretly in a private boat.  The team
had a two-day reservation but when the coup failed they left
the hotel in a rush.

According to Akşam's Leven Albayrak's report, the group's
top secret meeting was held at the Splendid Hotel on Büyükada
on the same night of the traitorous coup attempt - 15 July. The
group's leader was former CIA agent and Turkey expert Henri

Barkey is very close to CIA agent Graham Fuller, who wrote
letters on behalf of Fethullah Gülen so that he could remain in
the United States.  Barkey and Fuller also worked together on
a study concerning the Kurdish problem in Turkey.

As Mr.Banks from 'Mary Poppins' would say, "splendid, splendid".

The common thread among those participating in the Büyükada
meeting is their expertise in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Egypt. Their
names continually come up in discussions about the coups and
civil wars in those countries.  Most of these so-called academicians
arrived in Turkey on 13 July and they left the island in a rush on
15 July.  Some of them departed Turkey on 17 July.

//ed. note: the Akşam article listed the foreign participants - the
usual suspects -- but the tenth proved to be more noteworthy.//  

Perhaps the most noteworthy participant in the meeting was a crazed
killer named Scott Lee Peterson, age 44.  Peterson is in the notorious
San Quentin prison in California for killing his wife Laci Peterson in
2002 but his death sentence is on appeal.  Peterson arrived in Istanbul
on 13 July and has yet to depart. The question is how and for what
purpose was Peterson brought to Turkey (!).  

//ed. note: Akşam Managing Editor Murat Kelkitlioğlu promised
to publish even more shocking details about the 15 July meeting
in tomorrow's edition. TNT standing by, as well.//


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