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How to Marry a Nice Putschist Girl

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 19 August 2016)

//ed. note: Soner Yalçın's column of 19 August. The 'Eda 
Aşık' mentioned at the end was the subject of yesterday's
TNT report.  Today, the son-in-law of the AKP Istanbul 
mayor was arrested as a FETÖ member.//

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"Wow! That one could be Mrs. Pennsylvania!"

I didn't know that the FETÖ organization (coup-plotters) had
a marriage match-making program just like the ones on TV!
When Lt.Col. Gökhan Eski, an intelligence officer in the General
Staff, was captured he confessed and he had this to say about the
FETÖ marriage methods:

"FETÖ offered me more than 30 candidates so that I would drop
my fiancé.  In conversations with my (FETÖ) 'big brothers' at
their homes, they showed me photos of the women.  The photos
were full-length and each woman had a code name. The gave me
information about her home town, height, weight, whether she
smokes or not, her religious sensitivities, whether her head was
covered or uncovered."

"After that I chatted with 10 of the women, all arranged by a
'big brother'.  We went together to a FETÖ house and each interview
lasted 15 minutes.  Since everyone had a code name, I got one too -
'Salih'.  The women in the interviews talked about one another. But
when all the interviews were done I still didn't agree to get married.
They brought a woman doctor whom I liked because of her
profession and appearance but still I didn't agree. She was very
emotional and a divorcé."

"At all the interviews I was accompanied by a 'big brother' and the
woman by a 'big sister'.  After the 15-minute interview, in separate
rooms, we each shared our thoughts with our big brother and sister.
Then, if both sides agreed there was a 1-hour head-to-head chat
between myself and the woman in a room with the door left open.
There were cakes and snacks available, too."

"After this long chat, neither of us offered an opinion and no contact
info was exchanged. Over the next week the big brother and sister
learned how we felt and, if we both agreed, a second meeting was
arranged.  For me,there were two such subsequent meetings arranged
but I didn't go to either of them."

In Ottoman times there were 23 generals who were sons-in-law of
important statesmen, posted in important locales.  I wonder how
many FETÖ sons-in-law have infiltrated notable families. Will they
all be revealed? I think not. If that were to happen the AKP (ruling
party and coup target) would fall apart.  But I'm certain they would
all say 'like Eda Aşık, we were duped. We didn't know they were
FETÖ members!'

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   Some candidates more willing than others...

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