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Police: Whatever They Get Paid, It's Not Enough

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 August 2016)

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No comment: the cop's expression says it all.

In Muratpaşa, Antalya, police went into action when reports
came in about a man dressed in a skirt and a head scarf being
seen near the regional headquarters of the Turkish National
Intelligence Agency (MİT).

The incident occurred about 1 in the morning at the MIT regional
HQS on Muratpaşa District Tourism Road.  Y. Şen (42) had
arrived in Antalya by plane from Istanbul.  After he left Antalya
Airport Şen put on a skirt and a head scarf and began walking along
the street carrying a bag.

Suspicious onlookers alerted the police and a large number of
security personnel responded.  As Şen approached the MIT
building he was apprehended by MIT personnel there and turned
over to the police.  When asked why he was wearing a skirt
Şen explained that "sometimes I just feel like wearing a skirt."
After a check, police determined that Şen's record was clean
and he was released.

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