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Transylvanian Bat Cave Shelters Researchers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 August 2016)

Yarasa mağarasında sel esareti
  A certain Count is known to haunt the cave...

Eleven cave scientists escaping from flood waters found
shelter in the Puda lie Papara cave in the Apuseni Mountains
of the Transylvanian Alps.  The researchers, 4 of them
Frenchmen, were in the area to study bats and caves.

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Fortunately, the cave was well-stocked with these.

Sudden heavy rains forced the researchers to find a refuge
so they ran into Puda lie Papara, but the flood waters pushed
them deeper into the cave, where the bats live.  The cave is
home to the largest colony of bats in Europe. In some places
the depth of the cave reaches 135 meters and the cave's gallery
has a total length of 5,200 meters.

The stranded scientists fled to the high gallery but lost touch
with the outside world.  Nevertheless, when no word came from
them rescuers responded of their own accord and a recovery
effort lasting 7 hours ensued.  All of the researchers were in
good condition afterwards.

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