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Scott Peterson, From San Quentin to Greek Isles?

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(Akşam Newspaper, 6 August 2016)

//ed. note: see yesterday's TNT report for more on Peterson's 
supposed extra-incarceration adventure.//

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Heading for the Greek islands after disappointment in Turkey.

The most interesting name from among those who participated
in the 15 July meeting on Büyükada, was that of the ferocious
U.S. killer and convict Scott Lee Peterson (44).  Peterson killed
his pregnant wife Laci Peterson in 2002 and was sent that same
year to San Quentin State Prison in California, where America's
most violent criminals are jailed.

Peterson's case, for which he has been sentenced to death, is
on appeal in California's courts and according to the code
associated with him - VN2100 - he is currently in the prison.
So, his somehow being spirited out of America's most secure
prison to Turkey is raising question marks in people's minds.

According to a claim (!), Peterson made some secret agreements
that enabled him to come to Turkey.  In the event that he was
able to successfully carry out assassinations, his death sentence
appeal would result favorably for him. Intelligence officials
are evaluating information that the now-exposed convict has
fled to Greece by sea.

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Camera-ready Henri Barkey didn't get expected air time.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the CIA agents, who expected
the coup attempt to end successfully, had made thorough
preparations at the Splendid Hotel on Büyükada, where they
held their meeting.

The group had set up a big TV in order to be able to make
press announcements and conduct live interviews from their
hotel,  The agent-academicians planned to explain the coup
to the world on the night of 15 July and show their support
for it.

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According to information provided by intelligence units,
group leader Henri Barkey, a supporter of Fethullah Gülen,
was going to announce backing for the coup-plotters and
relate the details of the coup to the world on their behalf.

Akşam's headline from the day before yesterday - '10 CIA
Agents on Büyükada' - has landed like a bomb on the agenda.
Akşam was able to discern the names of all the participants,
who are all continually involved in places where there is
civil war and instability.

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Barkey and coup-bangers at the Splendid Hotel on 

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