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Post-Coup Pokemon GO Paranoia

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 August 2016)

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   Some wary Turks say "Pokemon GO away!"

Pokemon GO has not yet been officially sanctioned for sale in
Turkey but some people have downloaded it in pirated versions.
In any case, experts have issued a security warning, saying that
the game can be used to monitor state leaders and may even be a
terrorist threat.

Ridvan Yıldız, a lawyer and the head of the Consumer Problems
Association, warned that "the target of Pokemon GO is to listen
in at, and photograph, state leaders' homes. Yıldiz said that his
organization's experts have examined the game's software and
found that "telephones loaded with Pokemon GO can pinpoint the
place where it is, listen in and take photographs. The grandchildren
of our state leaders may be playing with this game (!). The leaders
are being listened to and their residences have become targets."

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Continuing, Yıldız noted that "the game is played by means of
the Android operating system that is downloaded from the internet.
One's telephone is requested to activate 'unknown sources' from
among security adjustments and this demonstrates the security
weakness in Android.  So, harmful extras can be can be loaded
onto one's phone."

Digital Security Expert İbrahim Baliç stated that "the HQS of
the MHP and CHP political parties have been designated as
'Pokemon GYM', where Pokemons fight.  There is a spot in
back of the AKP party HQS that's been given the name PokeStop.
At the Office of the Prime Minister in Kızılay there's just a
Pokestop. There are two GYM points in the Parliament but I
don't think it's limited to that.  There is a risk of divulging
information. I'd say that Pokemon GO is a fantastic way to
monitor the world, rather than building satellites."

Lawyer Ünsal Özmestik warned that the game enters Gmail
accounts putting them at risk.  Also, the game can lead many
to people to gather in one place, making targets for terrorists.

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       At least they don't have any tanks.


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