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African Anatolia, 8 Million Years Ago

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 August 2016)

       Archeological excitement at fever pitch.

Fossils that have emerged from the "Çorak Yerler Omurgalı
Fosil Lokalitesi" (Arid Sites Vertebrate Fossil Locality) in
Çankırı show that, from the standpoint of living species, 8
million years ago the region was essentially like the African
continent of today.

Excavation activities have been ongoing in the Fatih quarter
of Çankırı since 1997.  Up to now, about 3,500 fossils have
been recovered at the site, which was officially declared an
excavation site by a decree from the Council of Ministers in

Prof. Dr. Ayla Sevim from Ankara University, the chief of
the dig, stated that "so far we've found the remains of more
than 20 different species, including elephants, rhinoceroses,
horses, pigs, giraffes, goats, deers, sheep, otters and saber-
tooth tigers."

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             He's digging the scene.

Continuing, Prof. Sevim explained that "it's a vertebrate
fossil bed but very different from places where today's
animals live.  As we imagine what it was like, we have to
think about the African environment.  These barren lands
once had water sources and resembled the jungles in Africa.
As we recover the fossils and identify them we are struck
by the similarity to Africa."

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                    Çankırı province

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