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'Fake Fiancé' a Pathological Conman

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 August 2016)

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      The dance moves are for real, though.

'Fake fiancé' Yasin Erdoğan, duped Eda Aşık, the daughter of
former Fenerbahçe Sports Club president Metin Aşık, into
getting engaged.  Now it turns out that Erdoğan changed his
surname three times because he was disowned by his own

Last month in Bodrum, Eda Aşık became engaged to a person
she thought was a businessman. In fact, Eda hanım was
subsequently shocked to learn that the couple the 'businessman'
introduced as his 'spiritual parents', were actually actors.

In fact, the 'businessman'  told Eda hanım that he was a member
of the board of directors of 'İlkay Logistics' (a subsidiary of
Vandelay Industries) but he was really a member of the Kal
family of Güneysulu, Rize. When the Kal family disowned him
he changed his surname to 'Mutlu' and then to 'Erdoğan'.

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        Lots of eligible bachelors right here.

As for his relationship with 'İlkay Logistics', there is noone by
the name of Yasin Erdoğan on the board of directors.  The only
record related to the company is of person named Yasin Erdoğan
coming for a meeting once with the company leader.

Yasin Erdoğan also bilked businessman Murat Öztürk of Darıca,
Kocaeli, by convincing him that he was the nephew of President
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  Öztürk explained that "because of my
love for Erdoğan I was glad to meet him.  When he wanted to
buy a flat in Istanbul from me I gave him a big discount.  He
promised to pay me 300,000 TL but then he vanished.  I filed
a complaint but he couldn't be found.  Now, from what I've
heard, I'll file the complaint again."

 Güneysu district is in the west of Rize province.

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