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Deputy Governor of Failed Romance

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 August 2016)

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 Serial proposer Demir: "Someone make me stop!"

Mehmet Demir (38) has been the deputy governor of Diyarbakır
province for 4 years.  He met Judge Fatma Çimen, who like Demir
hails from Yozgat, last year when she was appointed to the
Diyarbakır Tax Court.

However, as Demir was preparing his marriage proposal ,Çimen
was relieved of duty after the 15 July coup attempt and then taken
into custody as part of the FETÖ (coup plotters) investigation.
She is currently being held in the sports arena at the Diyarbakır
police compound.

Demir, who oversees the Diyarbakır police, has visited Çimen a
number of times since she was taken into custody.  Demir even
sent a private lawyer for Çimen carrying Demir's marriage proposal
and a ring. The public prosecutor gave his permission for the
proposal to be transmitted to Çimen.

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Dep.Gov. Demir might have had better luck with his method:

FETÖ Wedding System

In front of a crowd of women being held at the sports salon in
connection with the FETÖ and KCK (PKK's urban wing)
investigations, Demir's lawyer delivered the box with the proposal
and ring to Çimen.  In the proposal, Demir said that "no matter
what I want to marry you. Even if you don't go back to work
you'll be the lady of the house."

A very surprised Çimen, though, rejected Demir's proposal. The
ring was recorded and given back to the lawyer.  Later, Çimen
was brought to the Diyarbakır court house and Demir went, too,
to listen to Çimen give her statement.  The prosecutor, though,
was discomfited by Demir conversing with Çimen and he had
them separated.

After the court hearing, Çimen was released under court
supervision.  In turns out that Demir has been hoping to marry
for quite some time and has made marriage proposals to a
number of women in Diyarbakır.  Each time, though, he was

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                     Diyarbakır province


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