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Real Estate Investment Plan: Murder

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 August 2016)

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                   Killer and collateral.  

In Adana, a suspect has been arrested in connection with the
murder of university student İsmail Kandemir Yaluk (23), who
was killed right in front of his parents.  The suspect, Harun E.
(52), explained that "I killed Kandemir in exchange for a store
and a summer house. Later I regretted it because he's so young."

Police began to look into the murder after it was committed on
13 May, first examining cellphone conversations between Yaluk
and his former girl friend S.Y. (26).  Police determined that Yaluk
had seen messages on S.Y.'s phone from another man, M.E.K.,
which had prompted Yaluk to break up with S.Y., a student at
Çukurova University, 7 months before.

However, S.Y. regretted the break-up with Yaluk,, with whom she
had dated for 7 years, and separated from new boyfriend M.E.K.
Yaluk, though, refused to get back together with S.Y.  Meanwhile,
M.E.K. held Yaluk responsible for his break-up with S.Y. and
told his family about his distress.

M.E.K.'s family then asked Harun E., who worked at the family's
firm, to kill Yaluk.  Subsequently, Harun E. gunned down Yaluk
in front of his parents and disappeared. M.E.K. and his family,
including a 14 year-old brother, were arrested.

Gunman-for-hire Harun E. was finally captured in the Dorum
neighbrhood of Ceyhan district yesterday.  He confessed to the
murder and in his statement he explained that "M.E.K. was
harming himself with a razor blade because his girl friend was
talking with her old boy friend.  His father was very worried
about him so he asked me to kill Yaluk in exchange for a store
in Adana and a summer house in Mersin. I agreed. After the
murder I ran away."

                       Adana province


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