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Plotting a Coup? Don't Neglect the Typists

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 August 2016)

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          Oh, to be one of the lucky ones.

In the course an operation conducted in Istanbul last week
into the FETÖ (coup plotters) infiltration of the judicial system,
it was revealed that FETÖ provided the texts of typing exams
to the secretaries they wanted to position in the courts 1 day
prior to the Secretaries Typing Examination.

Sinan Ç. was one of the 21 municipal secretaries arrested in
the Kırıkkale Public Prosecutor's FETÖ probe.  Sinan Ç. confessed
that Hüseyin K., a friend of his older brother and a municipal
secretary in Çorlu, told him that if he (Sinan) achieved a score of
70 or better on the KPSS (state employee exam) then he could
help him become a municipal secretary.

In his statement to the prosecutor Sinan related that "I passed
the KPSS with a score of 74 without cheating so then I phoned
Hüseyin at the Çorlu court house.  Hüseyin told me to come to
Çorlu, where he had a fellow with the code name 'Tarık' take me
to a bachelors house, where there were three other guys."

"They had us practice typing all the time and told me to apply
to the Kırklareli Court House for a position as a municipal typist.
The FETÖ typing candidates at the homes were told to apply in
small groups to the courts in Silivri, Edirne, Çorlu, Kırklareli
and Tekirdağ."

'The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back.'

"The typing test was scheduled for 30 March 2013 so 10 of us
went to Kırklareli on 26 March.  A day before the test a fellow
named Onur E. came to our house and gave us 10 texts, saying
that one of the texts would be the exam text the next day.  The
whole night we practiced on these texts and the next morning
at the test I typed 90 words in 3 minutes so I passed.  The exam
text was one of those that Onur E. had given us."

"After we were hired we had to give our first paycheck to FETÖ.
We agreed and then learned that 5 of us had passed the test.  Then
Onur E. put us into a house in Kırklareli and we started giving a
fellow named Hakan A. 125 TL each month."

"Hakan A. downloaded a messaging program called Bylock onto
my phone, gave me a password and showed me how to use it.
After 17-25 December (2013, the FETÖ anti-corruption probe/
putsch against Erdoğan and cohorts) I erased it.  I only saw
our group leader Hakan A. on this program anyway.  Hakan then
loaded Tango onto my phone but this Tango program wasn't like
the one you can download from the internet.  When you opened
it a password-protected page opened and no one could see the
messages exchanged with the leader."

They take typing very seriously in Turkish Thrace.

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