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Where Are They Now? Once a Psychopath...

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 August 2016)

psychopath  well, at least he's consistent... (TNT report
from a year ago.)

           Enjoying one of his many hobbies.

A year ago Istanbul police conducted a raid on a site within
the historic Silivrikapı walls in Fatih.  The scene was a horror.
Gang leader Suat Şenoğlu had set up a torture chamber
reachable through secret passages in the walls.

Şenoğlu was arrested for tying up a Syrian couple with a
dog leash and raping them in his dungeon.  For some reason (!)
the Syrian couple withdrew their complaint against Şenoğlu,
who was then released by the police.

    Home Sweet Home (a.k.a. torture chamber)

The day he was freed from jail, though, Şenoğlu tracked down
and shot his renters Hacı K. and Murat E. in a coffee house,
accusing them of informing on him. Police again took Şenoğlu
into custody but the wounded renters declined to file a complaint.

These days, taking advantage of the tumult caused by the failed
coup, Şenoğlu shot Tamer Ç., a health technician who works
at Cerrahpaşa Hospital in the Küçükhamam neighborhood of
Fatih district.  Police learned that 'suç makinesi' (crime machine)
Şenoğlu's next target was a pharmacist but he was captured
in the nick of time.

Şenoğlu has a police record for 13 different crimes including
narcotics sales, robbery, kidnapping and illegal weapons
possession.  This time he was again incarcerated (but for how

                  Fatih district of Istanbul

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