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Kid Fries as Dad Frets About Car Window

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 9 August 2016)

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"What a lovely window. It's so clear I can see my boy!"

A family came from Germany on holiday and stopped to
see the Yeşil Türbe (Green Tomb) in Bursa.  When the parents
got out of their car, though, it locked automatically with their
5 month-old son Ahmet Musab C. stuck inside.

Father M.C. tried to get the car doors open and onlookers
offered help, as well.  Seeing that the baby's condition was
worsening in the summer heat, an ambulance was called,
along with the police and the fire department.

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    Success! Window and baby survive!

But despite calls from the crowd to "break the window and
save the child", father M.C. ignored the pleas and summoned
a locksmith to open the door and avoid breaking the window.
Meanwhile, firemen put a sheet over the car to minimize the
effect of the sunlight that was heating up the car and, of
course, Ahmet Musab C., too.

After some effort, the locksmith successfully opened the
car and the child, in an exhausted condition, was rescued.
Reacting angrily to news coverage, M.C. tried to prevent
reporters from filming the incident.

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