27 Ağustos 2016 Cumartesi

Ouagadougou Hoodwinkers

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 August 2016)

Afrika'dan 'dolandırıcı oğlum' gelmiş!
Somehow, they couldn't keep a low profile in Konya.

A year ago businessman İ.U,, who makes farm equipment
in Konya, met Jule Sorgho on the internet.  Sorgho identified
himself as "the son of the Agriculture Minister of Burkino Faso."

Sorgho came to Konya with 3 friends to "sign a 2 million TL
(about 700,000 USD) import contract" so I.U. put them up in a
5-star hotel.  Then the four Africans convinced I.U. that "our
dollars have a UN seal on them" and they asked I.U. for
100,000 Euros in order to run a machine that removes these seals (!).

(Incredibly) I.U. gave the four 50,000 Euros which they put in one
compartment of the machine and the dollars in the other compartment.
Then they turned on the machine and, as a result, told I.U. that the
dollars were now useable.  However, instead of returning the real
Euros to I.U. they gave him a few genuine ones resting on top of
fake ones that had been hidden in the  machine.

Subsequently, I.U. opened the pouch of 'Euros', realized he had
been bilked and called the police. Jule Sorgho of Burkino Faso,
Hassana Mara of Guinea, Ousane Konat of Mali and Longo Lono
Charles of Congo were arrested.  Thousand of fake dollars and
Euros were seized from them, along with 48,000 Euros and 400
USD that had been taken from I.U.

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