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Aesthetically Unpleasing Lip Service

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 May 2017)

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                    Leave well enough alone.

Merve Keleş (22), a nurse at Çukurova University's Balcalı
Training and Research Hospital in Adana met 'aesthetic expert'
Soner G. through a friend.  Keleş wanted to get fuller lips so she
gave Soner G. 500 TL (about $150) for a temporary full-lips
treatment.  The effect lapsed in a week so Keleş and Soner G.
agreed on a 'silicon treatment' for 1,000 TL.

Soner G., a hairdresser who said she got her aesthetic training
in Azerbaijan, explained that her 'clinic' was under repair so she
gave Keleş the silicon treatment in her home 3 weeks ago.  Half
an hour after the 'operation', Keleş's lips began to swell.  She
called Soner G. the next day, saying that her lips hurt unbearably.
In response, Soner G. said "you caught an infection. That's beyond
my ken. Go to the hospital."

Keleş went to a hospital and was given an antibiotic but the
swelling and pain did not ease.  Next, Keleş went to the hospital
where she works and there doctors determined that she had had
an alergic reaction to the undetermined (!) material used in the
procedure Soner G. had performed.

This week Keleş will undergo another operation to try to extract
the unknown material from her lips. If that is not possible, her
lips will have to be completely removed.  As for Soner G., she
claimed that "I never identified myself as a medical aesthetic
expert.  I didn't do anything to her. I know her only through a
friend.  They wanted money from me and when I didn't give them
any they slandered me.  In fact, I'll file a criminal complaint against
them for blackmail and threats!"

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